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 Kano's people

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PostSubject: Kano's people   Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:18 pm


[The young man was an earth aspected fire blooded, whilst he was still very young (probably having only just exalted a month or so ago) his breeding was high, about 4 or 5 perhaps, though his essence would need to mature before it became more apparent]

Marylin [Colts mum]

Sakurambo AKA Cherry Wood aspected Dragonblooded Her reds were definetly red, as if they had lipstick on them and her eyes were lighter, there didn't seem to be any changes in her body that he could see, though her hair was darker too. Overall she might be a dragon-blooded, if so then she has breeding but its low.

Kuo [Cherry's Mum a rather pretty woman in her early 40's opened the door, she held herself with an air of dignity, even though it was clear she was the type of woman who worked the brothel, runs Kano's Tea house in Whitewall]

Ajeza water aspected Dragonblooded
[A rather pretty looking, black-skinned woman with white hair she's a dragon blooded then holy shit! She's either a really, really, really old water aspect or her breeding is so pure that the only one he's seen who could possibly rival her is Symmean.]

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PostSubject: Re: Kano's people   Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:18 pm

The old man stood forward first, and Kano thought he might have heard his joints creak as he did so. "My name is Cordinal Grey" he said "and my apprentice is Kim Wan". The dragon blooded said nothing, but did shuffle forward slightly, out of what can be assumed to be respect for his master.

The man who had slain the boar God then stood before Kano and bowed. "I am Foru Tinzle" he said "And my blade and my gratitude are yours in equal measure".

After Foru had bowed he stepped back and allowed the only generic courtesan left to step forward. "My name is Haru" she said "And I thank you for rescuing me". She bowed but attention was pulled away from her as the other courtesan walked forward.

She was stunning (enchanting features 4) and knew exactly how to move in order to emphasize every asset she had. "And my name is Elisa" she said, her words like satin, stroking against Kano's ear. "I will serve you with the most unyielding devotion". She then walked back a little bit, allowing Kano to see her rear assets.

The hulk of a man stood forward last. All of his movements held a deliberate and unwavering determination to them and he seemed to stand in front of Kano as a stern enforcer of all thing righteous. "And my name is Daru Dara" he said, his thick accent somehow adding prominence to the name. "My blade; yous. My principles, mine" he asserted "If this is still true under your orders then we be on good terms".
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PostSubject: Re: Kano's people   Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:15 pm

V’neef Mudra

Dating Kano and serves as his 2nd IC

The granddaughter of V’neef, Mudra was born in the family home on the blessed isle and was the eldest of her parents children, V’neef took an interest in the child (her 4th grandchild) and plotted her life out for her. She was educated in advance for her career in the Legions, sword play, archery lessons, military theory, and leadership skills were drilled into her from an early age alongside the standard dynastic lessons. She attended the house of bells and passed with flying colours much to the pride of her house, she had a great career ahead of her of that they were certain. However, as Mudra grew passed her teens she found that a life of killing, and death ill suited her and for the first time in her rather submissive life without her grandmothers permission Mudra undertook her own path. She turned her attention to the art of healing others her rough demeanour quickly giving way to a kind and caring almost motherly bedside manner. Over time her skills increased with her post in the legion she never found a shortage of wounded to practice her skills on. It was at the battle of the scattered legion that her faith in the realm and her skills were shaken.

During the battle Mudra unit was one of the reserve units guarding the supply camp, as was one the first units to be fell upon by the Whitewallers trap. As the enemy fell upon the retreating legion the wounded were dropped or left behind in the rush to not be enveloped Mudra ordered her unit to hold fast as she tried to save as many of the wounded as she could cursing the doctors who had run. Most of her unit had held until they themselves we’re counted among the dead or wounded and quickly Mudra was facing the force of the demon horde Whitewall had unleashed she stood over the wounded ready to give her life to defend them when a unit bearing a set of crossed hammers for their banner, being lead by a sickly looking man with a golden anima banner advanced from the horde of demons.

The anathema gave her an offer “if you Surrender I will spare your life, the life’s of your men and get them medical aid.” Mudra accepted the Solars offer and he was as good as his word her men and wounded were tended to and Mudra herself was place under a comfortable imprisonment.

She received regular visits form the solar who introduced himself as Kano, she slowly got to know him, after many of these visits she slowly realised that he admired her, and that it seemed to her he was accessing her for something.So after one visit she made sure that he stayed a little longer and while his defensives were down in the afterglow she coxed his plans out of him. As he drifted off she thought about this plan, at first she was insulted that her kind were treated as little more than chattel but she started to see that the plan was simply a continuation of the duties her kind were raised to up hold. Mudra decided that she would gain this Kano’s trust in order to watch over his plans, hopefully if she would be able to ensure that his plan truly was for the good of creation. After a short time She was able to gain his trust and was freed from her “imprisonment”.

Mudra is a good looking wood aspected Dragonblood of high breeding this results in the air around her being filled with the scents most strongly associated with the current season. she stands at a 5'6 and is of a slender but toned build with long light green hair and brown eyes. In battle she wears and green jade reinforced breast plate and wears and green jade power longbow however, when relaxed she wears a simple but practical dresses comfortable shoes, her green jade hearthstone bracers. Over time she has grown rather fond of Kano though she thinks that he wouldn’t be interested in her, she has given herself the position of his aid de confidant always happy and ready to give the rather self loathing solar a boost in confidence when he needs it. (though at the moment wont risk how close she's got to him by telling him everything he hates about himself is fashioned by himself)
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PostSubject: Re: Kano's people   Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:10 pm

The Dragonlords
Tepet Tenra- Air aspected, cousin to Tenten. Nuff said.

Peleps Mōretsuna Nami- A High-breeding water aspect. Ally to Kano. Loves his Daughter.

Hanburu Chikyū- A Male earth aspect of low breeding. His hair looks dusty. He is about 34.

Tsuyoi Jimen- A female earth aspect. Firm breasts and a confident look. She seems to be about 27.

Sukoshi Sentōki-A female wood aspect who is the youngest of the dragon-blooded in appearance (looking about 13). She has a bow and wears a satchel, presumably with healing items in it.

Beteran Nenrei- A Male air aspect of low breeding. Looking about 42 he had the look of a veteran soldier about him, but not the look of a veteran dragon-blooded. 

Misute Rareta-A male fire-aspect looking about 20. This man was wearing the insignia of house Cathak Garel on his chest but the insignia seemed to have been broken into pieces at one point or another and had been pieced back together. His body let off heat. It was a very specific heat--much like the heat of battle.

Cathak Kane- A fire-aspected woman with hair as black as coal and eyes like embers. She had a grand daiklave with an inscription on it from her Cathak parents--presumably a gift for graduating from the House of Bells. She looked 17.

Cathak Sassō- A fire-aspected man with dashing good looks and a sparking personality (you could assume) With deep skin and a dashing demeanor this man didn't wear heavy armour but instead light, flashy gear. He had a very small essence canon sat in an intricately crafted holster. He seemed confident, confident enough to look Kano up and down and consider his worth.

Cathak Baruku- A fire-aspected man who looked about 23. Bulky and imposing, this man looked like he would always be ready for war.

Cathak Cacek Senryaku- A fire-aspected woman who looked about 19 and wore glasses. Looking more scholarly than militaristic, this woman was hanging slightly back from the rest of the Dragonlords (a bit behind the bulky man above, who seemed happy to let her do so). Regardless Kano could see the insigna woven into the cloth that flared out from her armour--she was a member of house Cathak Cacek.

Cathak Jūnan- A fire-aspected man who was skinny and athletic looking. No doubt limber and adept at swerving and sliding through to the best part of a battle field. 

Ōrudo Tsurī- A wood-aspected male who looked to be about 75. With a long, willowy beard, and wrinkly skin that might as well have been hard bark, this man's body looked weary but his eyes showed that he was still sharp as a whip. 

Cathak Fusoku Rain- A fire-aspected male. Although he was clearly of dynastic birth his breeding was basically non-existant. He held himself like he had a chip on his shoulder.

Cathak Aratana Kibō- A fire-aspected woman. Also dynastically born but with low breeding, this woman did not seem resentful. Instead she looked devoted, loyal and diligent. She was stood next to the other fire-aspect. Perhaps there was some sympathy between the two.

Cathak Yokubō- A water-aspected woman. Alluring and deadly looking, this woman too stood quite respectfully. Her breeding was only so-so.

Cathak Merō- A fire-aspected male. Of respectable breeding but clearly not dynastic, this man held himself with half-certain authority. 

Āmā no Chakuyō- A female God-Blooded. Upon first looking at her she seemed to be wearing fine armour but Kano soon realized that the armour was part of her skin. Presumably this is a gift from her godly parentage. Beautiful but stone-faced, she looked about 17.

Dō Bōenkyō- A female God-Blooded whose eyes were glassy and without pupils. Her lashes were the colour of copper and shined under the right light. She looked about 20.

Gin'noken-A male God-Blooded with sharp features. His fingers were long and graceful, his skin steely. He looks about 26.
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Kano's people
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