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 Kanos stuff.

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PostSubject: Kanos stuff.   Fri May 29, 2015 10:47 pm

Kanos holdings
Each of the Manses in the Dragon hold workshops capable of providing Kanos legion with mundane equipment swords armour and the like. They also hold one workshop capable of creating minor artifacts.
The Earth manse of the Dragons is the main hub of the workshops, it has three minor artefact workshops as well as the manse itself.
Each of these minor artefact workshops hold 5 smaller shops within them with the following stats
Flawless workshop
Master artisan [Enlighten]  
15 mortal aids
They have 12 dice and 3 auto successes for artifact creation.

All in all there are 8 of there are minor artefact workshop producing 5 suits of Ashigaru power armour every season.
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Kanos stuff.
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