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 Creator and Programming

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PostSubject: Creator and Programming   Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:49 pm


The biggest corporation of the century. Pumping out bot after bot of varying necessity. Specialising in technology capable of animalistic or humanoid levels of mobility, i.e. 'walking personal computers' for both business and public use, also boasting some of the strongest networks and general interconnectivity with other Taó built robots.

- Companions
- Toys
- Service industry and hospitality workers


Second only to Taó in terms of the size of their office-space. Identical in their business models, producing high quality systems for the public and for businesses. However where Taó utilise ruthless measures to maintain a strong network for communication across their own robots, Micromeddal take a softer approach using more user-friendly parts and programs, enabling connectivity across networks from robots of other creators.

- Companions
- Toys
- Service industry and hospitality workers


Primary producer of labour robots, ranging from industrial bots such as fork-lift trucks to small household appliances such as vacuum cleaners. In terms of transport or physical maintenance; you name it, they make it.

- Large-scale farm equipment
- Factory production line workers
- Industrial or household cleaners
- Road-sweepers
- Vehicles


A personal security firm who's catalogue of robotic creations ranges from mobile defence units to network managers. They police the electronic and the organic.

- Beat officers
- Network admin
- Hacking blockers
- Judge and jury


Similar in scale to Taó and Micromeddal, a firm household favourite. Specialising in public sector robots, rarely setting foot in the business sector. Producers of mass entertainment robots and appliances, often out-doing Taó and Micromeddal in terms of enjoyment of the output of their creations. Less access to funds of the scale of Taó and Micromeddal mean Edongzhó lacks some of their finesse, however what it lacks in their scale, it makes up for in broad cross-network connectivity, build-quality, battery life and general everyday output. Edongzhó robots are built to last, and all are built with love.

- Examples:
- Companions
- Toys
- House keepers


Very small-time. Dusny were the newest breakout company to join the big-leagues. You name it, they build it. Boosting the greatest cross-network connectivity of all robots due to their business models strong sense of environmental awareness, they recycle everything. The majority of their robots are built from the old 'junk' thrown out by the larger companies; taking them in, re-building, re-purposing, and sending them back out into the world all shiny and 'new'. Dusny struck a chord with people because of their sense to recycle the old to make the new, and also became a firm favourite of those seeking 'vintage' robots that were capable of doing all the things 'modern' equivalents were able but with less of the sleek design of recent years.

- Toys
- Household appliances
- Handheld tools


Numerous robots have been created by private companies and by individuals seeking personalised devices, specifically built for whatever they can imagine. Whatever you can dream of, its likely been done and exists somewhere whether its legal or not.
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Creator and Programming
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